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AZCSL is a full-service commercial sign and lighting company that uniquely provides exemplary customer service with competitive pricing across the board. Our mission is to create seamless products and a worry-free experience for 100% of our customers, regardless of the project size. Give us a call and discover the difference working with AZCSL.


AZCSL combines the service expected from a local family business with the capacity of a corporate contractor. We set ourselves apart with consistent and reliable service that you can trust - on time, on budget, and always honest.

We take pride in making sure that every customer has an enjoyable and rewarding experience with AZCSL.

Our Services

Our custom signs in Phoenix are creatively designed and manufactured to always maximize the size, visibility and aesthetics of your advertising investment. Let us make you stand out professionally with a low-cost solution. You will love how our designs will integrate your colors, letter style and image into a perfect tailored custom sign. AZCSL is a preferred commercial lighting and sign manufacture in Arizona and a leader among Phoenix sign companies in the Valley.

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AZCSL - #1 Sign Company in Phoenix, Arizona

Those seeking Arizona sign companies, please do your research. AZCSL builds custom signs in Phoenix that are unique and reliable. Most Phoenix sign companies will cut corners to make deadlines and will occur more damage in the long run for the sign itself and surpass your original budget with the mandatory repairs that it will need. Begin your venture with a dependable company that you can rely on, contact AZCSL for your custom sign.

Planning & Consulting

Firstly, you need to consult the AZCSL and make a plan so that your sign project can be executed smoothly. Obtaining the required approvals and permits is crucial for successful completion of the task. However, we can make it simpler for you because of our vast experience in this field. Through our business, we have established lasting relationships with major local municipalities and their workers. We have a team of project managers who know all about the sign codes and regulations and can help you out. They will be able to maximize the signage and prepare all your permit applications for submission. You are bound to get approval soon enough.

Our extensive collection of sign designs will help you optimize your brand advertisement be it with respect to size, visibility or appearance. We stick to your budget by giving your brand a professional look by incorporating different colors, fonts and pictures.

If you are hunting for sign criteria, then you must consult us in the process of drafting and getting your criteria approved. We will attend to your individual needs and create custom criteria for you. Our team can produce all types of sign criteria, be it traditional or contemporary.

Project Management

The second step is to efficiently manage your project. If you are a business owner who has just started out, then you need to create your own unique signage. It will be one of your most crucial advertising investments because an effective signage can increase your sales within a day. The signage helps a customer form his or her risk impression about you, and we will make sure that it is a memorable one.

On the other hand, if you run your business from multiple locations, then you will find a sign partner in us. We will make an effort to understand your brand, its personality and working model so we can create the most effective signage. With us, you will get personal one-to-one service alongside professionalism and proficient at what we do.

Both architects and property owners are aware that property identification can help improve the overall atmosphere by complementing the architectural design. If you want to keep tenants, then having an excellent property identifications signage will help you sell space easily. When businesses or individuals are hunting for a lease, they usually go for the one with the best signage.

Finding a sign vendor who will create quality designs for you is not easy. However, spending your time looking for such resources is also a waste. The national signage programs organized by AZCSL are a one-stop solution to this problem. They will keep your brand identity unique and attend to all your inter-coastal signage needs.


Now you need to think about the manufacturing process of different types of signage.

Wall Signage: We always make use of the best LED-s and power supplies when it comes to creating a wall sign. You can be sure that our creations will shine brighter and be more durable at the same time. If you want something less elaborate, then we will come up with a budget design for you. On the other hand, if you have something grand in mind, we have the resources to execute it.

Architectural Signage: We have a team of project managers who take care of interior signage and everything relating to it. By combining logistical precision with elaborate package offers, we can infuse almost any space with professionalism.

Freestanding Signage: It is important to make this signage really attractive so they catch people's attention even as they are whooshing by in their cars. The success of your business is heavily dependent on how effective it is in portraying the spirit of your company. The signage we create will be captivating even in the middle of a highway.

Custom: At AZCSL, we believe that you should harbor big dream and ideas. If you are one such future entrepreneur, then you can come to us as we will give a material form to your abstract ideas.

Installation & Service

The final step is to ensure proper installation and service. We have one of the biggest installation teams in Arizona, and each individual member is trained to not take shortcuts. One never knows what problem one might face during signage installation, which is why quick thinking and a creative mindset is essential. Our team is more than capable of handling these situations.

Our service rates are on the lower end of the spectrum because we have a specialized group of technicians who can diagnose and solve a problem in lesser time than local vendors. You are a busy person and cannot afford to spend hours looking for a good service technician when even a small problem arises. If you decide to contact us, you can be assured of reliable and flawless service. We will manage your national signage inventory effortlessly.

Visiting or Outside of Phoenix, Arizona?

Phoenix, Arizona has a long history that can be traced back to the nomadic Paleo-Indians who inhabited the place more than 9,000 years ago. It was around 1,000 BC when the nomadic tribes got in touch with the concept of farmers and the villagers. The Hohokam civilization was established in around 1 AD but vanished in 1450. When Europeans stepped into the area for the first time, only the O'odham and Sobaipuri tribes were left. Phoenix was created in 1867 and reinstated as the City of Phoenix later in 1881. It was mainly an agricultural area which functioned on the "Five C's"-cotton, citrus, cattle, climate, and copper- till the Second World War. After the war ended, Phoenix began to grow in terms of both population and industry. Today, it is a digitized modern city.

Popular Things to do in Phoenix

If you are in Phoenix, Arizona, then you will not run out of things to do! You can spend some time at the Desert Botanical Garden which is even more appealing during the event of Las Noches de Las Luminarias. You could also visit the Phoenix Zoo and witness the antics of more than a thousand animals. Hiking across the Camelback Mountain and attending the Arizona Renaissance Festival are popular tourist activities as well. If you're looking for some great food, try out the delicious turkey legs. If you love art and history, then you will find the Phoenix Art Museum and the Heard Museum to be the perfect hangout spots. There is a lot to do when you're in Phoenix, Arizona!